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It is my pleasure to invite the public to our website which is itself a milestone in the institutionalization of the Busia County Assembly as a citadel of legislation. From the outset, I wish to appreciate the team that has worked tirelessly to ensure the production of this website. The Office of the Clerk to the Assembly and the Departments of ICT and the Research in particular are highly commended for the effort and indefatigable commitment they have put in.


This First County Assembly of Busia was sworn into office on the 22nd March, 2013 and became operational immediately thereafter. The Assembly is an independent arm of the County Government of Busia as established under the provision of Article 176 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The Assembly constitutes 54 Members: 35 are elected, 18 are nominated and 1 is an ex-officio (the Speaker of the Assembly).


The Assembly’s main role as envisaged at Article 185 of the Constitution is to make county laws that are necessary for, or incidental to, the effective performance of the functions and exercise of the powers of the County Government under the fourth schedule.

The Assembly plays the role of trusted custodian of county natural resources and public assets by receiving and approving plans and policies for the management and exploitation of county resources as well as the development and management of the county’s infrastructure and institutions. While respecting the principle of separation of powers, we exercise oversight over the county executive committee and any other county executive organ.

In line with the Members desire to fulfill their manifestos and foster economic growth, eradicate poverty and put in place proper checks and balances that would enhance accountability and good governance in the County, the County Assembly Service Board which I chair identified and prioritized provision of a conducive and auspicious legislative environment to Members as an overriding requisite. To that end, a remodeled state of art Chambers was officially opened by H.E. the Governor Hon. Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong on 24th October, 2014. The occasion marked the end of a successful journey of commitment and hard work.

Consequently the Assembly has made enormous strides in its legislative function by so far enacting a total of 18 legislations including:

The Assembly is ably committed to meeting its mandate. Presently, several bills are on the Floor of the House and still some with the various sectoral committees undergoing legislative development process and will soon become operational Acts of the County.

Copies of the Acts and bills are stashed in all the 35 Ward Offices across the County for access by members of the public. While keeping in tandem with the provision of Article 196 (1) of the Constitution, I call upon members of the public to participate in the businesses of the Assembly by visiting ward office to peruse and comment on bills as they undergo legislative process, voicing concern on matters affecting them through Members of the Assembly (MCAs), presenting memoranda, attending public participation forums organized by the County Assembly and from time to time following Assembly proceedings during plenary as well as committee sittings.


The Speaker is the highest ranking officer of the Assembly elected by the Assembly Members at the beginning of the 5 year legislative session.

  1. The Speaker (or his designee) presides at every sitting of a House of Assembly as provided by the Constitution
  2. The Speaker presides over all debates of the county assembly and enforces the observance of the Constitution, the Standing Orders and Assembly traditions and practices
  3. The Speaker protects the rights of the minority while making sure that the majority have their way
  4. The Speaker administers the ought of allegiance to members and issues writs for vacant County Assembly seats
  5. As the Chair of the House Business Committee, the Speaker organizes the businesses of the House
  6. The Speaker is the final authority on all matters touching on the interpretation and application of the practice and procedure of Assembly at all time
  7. The Speaker is the spokesman of the County Assembly and represents the County Assembly in its relation with other County Assemblies
  8. The Speaker ensures that the dignity of the County Assembly is upheld and the rights and privileges of the Assembly are not abused
  9. The Speaker disciplines Members of the County Assembly for misconduct in the Assembly

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