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Our Assembly – Who we are
The County Assembly of Busia is one of the 47 regional assemblies created by the enactment of the Constitution of Kenya,2010 and the County Governments Act,2012.
As presently constituted,the Assembly has a total membership of 54 officials-35 elected and 18 special elect (nominated) members and 1 speaker who is an exofficio.
The first County Assembly was inaugurated on 4th of March ,2013 which ushered in the devolved units of governance.
Members of the County Assembly are elected for a five year term.

Roles and powers of the County Assembly
The Constitution of Kenya 2010 not only confers on the County Assembly its representative nature, but also sets out the eligibility requirements for Members , its powers to legislate ,oversight and represent the great people of Busia County.

The county assembly meets regularly to carry out its work as spelt out Constitution
and the Standing orders. Assembly meetings are guided by the rules and customs .Results of these meetings are different and are especially important for the people of Busia county .
Legislation as a core function of the County Assembly of Busia majorly focuses on making of laws for Busia County.
Draft bills are usually proposed by the County Government to address the needs as assigned by the part 2 of The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya,2010.
The Assembly has an elaborate and established formal procedure for bills to go through before they become law.
Another core function of the County  Assembly of Busia is to oversight the Executive arm of the County Government. Although the County Government is responsible for managing the affairs of Busia County and its finances, it needs the Assembly’s approval to pass laws ,to spend public money and to impose taxes as well as approving of plans.
Debates   On reports , bills, and Statements in the Chambers and the investigatory work of the County Assembly Committees enable Members to scrutinize the county government policies and decisions.
In summary,the County Assembly of Busia is a unique forum for debate by the Busia County  elected representatives on matters of County importance as assigned by the Constitution of Kenya ,2010.

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