Visit of the Assembly


Visiting days

The Busia County Assembly is opened to the public as envisioned in the constitution. For purposes of order, schools, tertiary colleges and other institutions have been given Wednesday as their day of visiting whereas the public is open to visit any time,any day as long as there is a sitting.

Assembly sitting days

As outlined in the Busia County Assembly standing orders,the assembly while in session scheduled to sit every Tuesday as from 2.00 pm,every Wednesday as from 9.00 am and 2.30p.m and every Thursday as from 2.30 pm.That not withstanding ,the Speaker may call for a special sitting on any other day if need be.

Rules and procedure for visiting

  1. All visitors to the County Assembly and its precincts MUST be booked at the gate and their National identity cards surrendered during booking and collected on departure.
  2. All visitors with vehicles MUST be booked at the entrance and their National identity cards surrendered at booking point. Vehicle Registration number must be clearly captured. The Identity Card will be collected on departure.
  3. All visitors MUST have visitor’s card displayed throughout their stay and surrendered on departure as they collect their National identity cards.
  4. Visitors MUST be accompanied by their hosts throughout the period of stay at the Assembly premises.
  5. No visitor shall be allowed to see the Honorable Members without appointment or express permission of the concerned member.
  6. No staff shall be allowed to come with more than TWO visitors without getting clearance from the Speaker’s office or the Clerk to the Assembly.
  7. No idling will be tolerated within and around the County Assembly premises.
  8. No hawking or business like activities will be allowed within the Assembly precincts.
  9. MEDIA PERSONNEL– should positively identify themselves by showing their accreditation cards to the security personnel at the gate.

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