I am pleased to welcome you to the County Assembly of Busia website . As the first Accounting Officer of the first County Assembly,the Assembly has a constitutional obligation to open its activities to the public.This will encourage interaction with the public and provide a platform for feedback to the benefit of the county as a whole.

This is a huge step forward from the past as we look forward to being a paperless Assembly and techno serve County Assembly.The Busia County Assembly report shall be posted and updated on this website to enhance oversight and public participation.

I do hereby encourage the public to interact with the County Assembly by providing feedback to improve on service delivery.This will go a long way in ensuring that the county assembly of busia performs its key functions as the provided in the constitution of kenya and the county government act,which are to represent,legislate and oversight.

Your valuable contribution and participation will inform the debate in the assembly.

As the chief officer of the County Assembly of Busia,it is critical that i implement the speakers vision of modernising the Assembly.

With the modernised debating chambers and ICT compliant membership,we are looking forward in the near future to put in place an interaction room or platform where the members of the public from where they are will be able to interact with the members of the county assembly on one on one basis on relevant issues that need the attention of the assembly.

I commend the County Assembly Service Board for allocationg funds for this project and the staff for their input of mainaining and updating the website with upto date information.